Active vacation and leisure

Fishing on the sea

During the fishing season, it is possible to join the local fishermen to Pärnu bay for a catch. Just let us know early and we’ll make it happen.

Disc-golf at Jõulumäe

Located only 5 km away, Jõulumäe offers many activities for you to enjoy: disc-golf, rollerblading, (roller-) skiing, hiking and other family friendly activites.

Horse riding at Keskküla farm

In case you would like to visit horses or go for a ride, let us know early so we can set it up for you.

Skiing at Jõulumäel

Made of either natural or artificial snow, Jõulumäe sports center has a variety of well prepared skiing tracks. Read more.

Vacation in the nature

Nurka is located in Luitemaa natural reserve and just a 10 min walk away from a pine forest which offers all kinds of berries and mushrooms which can be turned into a delicious meal. There are also tracks in the forest which are ideal for running and biking. Furthermore, you can go for a hike at Tolkuse bog which is located just 5 km away.

Lottemaa theme pakr

Lotemaa is a family friendly theme park just a 15min ride away from Nurka, learn more – http://lottemaa.ee/